How Is Nnn Calculated

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The triple net lease is calculated based on the amount of square footage the particular tenant is renting. For commercial landlords, triple net leases usually make more sense than the alternative, which is the gross rent model. In that scenario, the landlord pays all operating expenses out of the gross monthly rent.

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National Retail Properties- (NNN)- acquires, owns, and invests in properties that are leased to retail tenants under long-term net leases. As of December 31, 2008, NNN owned 1,005 Investment Properties, with an aggregate leasable area of 11.3 million square feet, located in 44 states.

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Most retail leases are triple net leases in which the landlord is charging base rent but also passing along "Additional Rents." Commercial tenants looking for retail space should know the total rent is the base rent plus the triple net (NNN) charges. The NNN’s include the tenant’s pro rata share of common area maintenance charges, building insurance, and taxes.

To filter your NNN Properties search down to county or city, you may select your desired county on the right, or you may start a new search above for access to more listings for sale. Below are 452 florida nnn properties listings currently available for Sale.

NNN Lease and Credit Tenant Financing from $750,000+. We specialize in making commercial mortgage loans for single tenant triple-net leased properties. These loans are sometimes called NNN lease financing, triple net lease financing, credit tenant leases, or single tenant lease financing. These loans are secured by properties occupied by one single.

Net of tax is most commonly calculated by taking gross figures, like the cash collected from the sale of an asset, and. What You Should Know About The Triple Net (NNN) Lease – The NNN Lease, often just called the triple net lease, is a common lease structure used in commercial real estate.